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March 26, 2004
Framfarir Fidel Castro
castrotractor "The setting up of a social system which eliminates selfish exploitation of the means of production, of a social system which converts the means of production into the people's property, something to be developed for the benefit of the whole people, finds its complement in the introduction of technology and machinery. As a result, not only can man work for society as a whole, but his work will also have a far higher productivity and he is freed from the kinds of work that are really hard.

You will understand perfectly well the effort required by 40 men working 8 hours in a climate such as ours, digging furrows; you will understand how much human energy, how much effort and how much sacrifice these machines eliminate.

Through such methods, as the result of its tremendous rate of progress thanks to the use of technology, a modern and just society can achieve successes which will permit even animals -- those animals we still look upon with sorrow from time to time, because we also see them working in the fields -- will be set free by these machines. - Fidel Castro (1968)

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