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July 27, 2004
Thomas Sowell on non-economic values
One of the last refuges of someone whose pet project or theory has been exposed as economic nonsense is to say: "Economics is all very well, but there are also non-economic values to consider." Presumably, these are supposed to be higher and nobler concerns that soar above the level of crass materialism. Of course there are non-economic values. In fact, there are only non-economic values…. Economics does not say you should make the most money possible…. What lofty talk about "non-economic values" usually boils down to is that some people do not want their own particular values weighed against anything. - Thomas Sowell
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July 22, 2004
Bréf frá svinlaranum 'Abdul'
Fékk þetta í póstinum í dag:
Greetings from UAE, Before I introduce myself, I wish to inform you that this letter is not a hoax mail and I urge you to treat it serious. We want to transfer to overseas account ($21,300.000.00 USD) Twenty One Million Three Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) from a prime Bank here in Dubai United Arab Emirates. I want to ask you, If you are not capable to quietly look for a reliable and honest person who will be capable and fit to provide either an existing bank account or to set up a new Bank a/c immediately to receive this money, even an empty a/c can serve to receive this money, as long as you will remain honest to me till the end for this important business trusting in you and believing in God that you will never let me down either now or in future. I am Mr. Abdul Kadir Gaya, presently promoted to Auditor General in one of the biggest banks here in Dubai. During the course of our auditing last week, I discovered a floating fund in an account opened in the bank in 1996 and since 1998 nobody has operated on this account again,after going through some old files in the records I discovered that the owner of the account died without a [Heir/WILL] hence the money is floating and if I do not remit this money out urgently it will be forfeited for nothing. The owner of this account Mr. Morris Thompson an American and great industrialist and a resident of Alaska, who unfortunately lost his life in the plane crash of Alaska Airlines Flight 261 which crahsed on January 31 2000, including his wife and only daughter leaving nobody to claim the money. You shall read more news about the crash on visiting this site; and No other person knows about this account or any thing concerning it, the account has no other beneficiary and my investigation proved to me as well that the account is a secret account. The total amount involve is Twenty One million Three Hundred Thousand United States Dollars only [$21,300.000.00] and we wish to transfer this money into a safe foreigners account abroad. But I don't know any foreigner, I am only contacting you as a foreigner because this money can not be approved to a local person here, but to a foreigner who has information about the account, which I shall give to you upon your positive response. I am revealing this to you with believe in God that you will never let me down in this business, you are the first and the only person that I am contacting for this business, so please reply urgently so that I will inform you the next step to take urgently. I need your strong assurance that you will never let us down, me and a key bank official who is deeply involved with me in this business. I guarantee that this transaction will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law. The bank official Will destroy all documents of transaction immediately we receive this money leaving no trace to any place. I will use my position and influence to obtain all legal approvals for onward transfer of this money to your account with appropriate clearance from the relevant ministries and foreign exchange departments. At the conclusion of this business, you will be given 30% of the total amount, 70% will be for us. I look forward to your earliest reply. PLEASE, TREAT THIS PROPOSAL AS TOP SECRET. Best Regards Abdul Kadir Gaya.
Alveg bráðsmellið. Variant af Nígeríu bréfunum vonandi sem flestir auðtrúa landar hafa heyrt af. Ég ætla að svara þessu, bara uppá forvitnis sakir. Gaman að þessu.
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July 21, 2004
Hitt og þetta
Ég er með nýtt blogg:, og er sundurlaust samansafn af mis-skemmtilegu gamanefni um harðstjóra vítt og breitt um heiminn.

Fyrir fattlausa, þá hef ég verið með blogg á ensku í þó nokkurn tíma.

Ég hef einnig safnað saman asnalegum ummælum á, en flestir sem komast þangað eru flokkaðir sem 'vottaðir bjánar' (certified idiots) af Willy Sutton.

ORGanistinn farinn. Sniff. Sniff.

July 20, 2004
Pig Human disease
A new and strange illness emerges in a small island nation

Abu Raja for Hindustan Times.

Scientists have discovered a new and strange disease that only has been found in a tiny little nation in the north Atlantic. The disease that affects people of all ages, presents it self as a progressive and selective memory loss.

This is most unusual. Says Karrí Stefansson, a respected and adored scientist: "This is very unusual disease, and clearly has both genetic and environmental components."

People with this disease show progressive memory loss, where they only forget events when someone has done some harm to them and strangely, the more harm, the more pronounced the memory loss. The cause is not known, but theories are that it is caused by Amyloid plaques similar to those of Alzheimer's disease. The disease is dubbed Grisson-Disease, but the scientific name is Pig-Human disease, due to uncanny likeness to a similar disease that is only found in mountain pigs in Papua New Guinea.

This has impacted the life of the nation. Teenagers kick their parents behinds, only to receive gifts the day after. Bosses verbally abuse their underlings and in turn receive loyalty and adoration. In one extreme case, a famous bank robber was made an honorary customer in a bank that he robbed a few years earlier.

Epidemiologists say the nation could perish soon if no cure can be found. Since 29th of June 1996, about 30-40% of the nation might have been affected and now there are studies that indicate that the number might be double that number.

The word is out. Many scam artists and criminals are flocking to the rich country. "This is like stealing candy from children", says one Irish con man that did just that. “This nation is plain stupid.” Now the child’s parents are inviting him for dinner.

What will become of this once proud nation? Could thins nation perish if no cure is found? We hope not, but we will continue to report the progression of this strange and unusual disease.

Many many thanks for reading my article and may god bless your lifestock.

Warm Regards from the hot springs in Iceland.
Kisses kisses, Abu.

July 11, 2004
Movies: Duplex

Laws and regulations can have tremendous impact on society. In the news today I saw a report on new and strict EU environmental regulations. In the UK this will result in a dramatic reduction in the number of landfills and the inevitable result of this is an increase in the illegal dumping of garbage and industrial waste. Of course an official recommended strict penalties, as if that would solve the problem.

I have depicted the evil (and inevitable) results of price controls before. In New York and in many other cities there are limits on how much people can rent out their own apartments. This is of course silly as Hazlitt explains quite clearly:

Still another example of our short-sighted legislation is rent control. This is usually imposed in the early stages of an inflation. As the inflation goes on, the discrepancy between the rent the landlord is allowed to charge, and the rent necessary to yield him a return comparable with that in other investments, becomes greater and greater. The landlord soon has neither the incentive to make repairs and improvements, nor the funds to make them.

When the rent control is first imposed, the government promises that new buildings will be exempt from it; but this assurance is soon repudiated by a new law. It becomes unprofitable to build new rental housing. New mortgage money for it becomes increasingly difficult to obtain. Landlords of old housing often can no longer supply even heat and other essential services. Some cannot even pay their taxes; their property has in effect been expropriated; they abandon it and disappear. Old rental housing is destroyed quicker than new housing is built

Some favoured tenants, already in possession, are momentary beneficiaries, but tenants or would-be tenants as a whole, in whose interest the legislation has been professedly passed, become the final victims. The irony is that the longer rent control is continued, and the more unrealistic the fixed rents become as compared with those that would yield an adequate return, the more certain the politicians are that any attempt to repeal the rent control would be "politically suicidal."

In the movie Duplex the characters of Stiller and Barrymore are a nice couple that buy an apartment that comes with an tenant from hell (that pays 88$ per month). Of course no one thinks killing the old bag is morally justified, but everyone can see the evil effects of the price controls in this movie. No one in his right mind will rent out a part of his apartment/building even if it would make since to do so under normal circumstances. This is just one manifestation of price controls. Another one is seen in the movie The Super.

July 03, 2004
Anti Green
Ný síða hjá hinum sívirka Ástrala, John Ray: Anti Green, og er eins og nafnið gefur til kynna algert megadiss á umhverfisfríkin.

July 02, 2004
Loksins, loksins. Núna fann ég lokalausn mína á öllum kódeka vandamálum. Fyrir þá sem ekki vita hvað kódekar eru, þá eru þeir ástæðan fyrir flestum villuboðum þegar maður ætlar að horfa á stafrænar myndir í tölvunni. Á síðu deilis er linkur í VLC - VideoLAN client en það er lítið og nett forrit sem virðist spila allt. Þarna er einnig kódeka pakki, ACE Mega Codec Pack en hann gerir öðrum forritium kleyft að spila kódeka-myndir. Virkar vel utan að ég þarf að stilla hljóð uppsetningu í VLC í hvert sinn og næ ekki bæði tali og fullum gæðum á sama tíma, en er enn að prófa mig áfram með það. Ég hlýt að ramba á lausnina fljótlega.

English: Two programs to play Codec-infested video files. Good stuff.

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