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July 20, 2004
Pig Human disease
A new and strange illness emerges in a small island nation

Abu Raja for Hindustan Times.

Scientists have discovered a new and strange disease that only has been found in a tiny little nation in the north Atlantic. The disease that affects people of all ages, presents it self as a progressive and selective memory loss.

This is most unusual. Says Karrí Stefansson, a respected and adored scientist: "This is very unusual disease, and clearly has both genetic and environmental components."

People with this disease show progressive memory loss, where they only forget events when someone has done some harm to them and strangely, the more harm, the more pronounced the memory loss. The cause is not known, but theories are that it is caused by Amyloid plaques similar to those of Alzheimer's disease. The disease is dubbed Grisson-Disease, but the scientific name is Pig-Human disease, due to uncanny likeness to a similar disease that is only found in mountain pigs in Papua New Guinea.

This has impacted the life of the nation. Teenagers kick their parents behinds, only to receive gifts the day after. Bosses verbally abuse their underlings and in turn receive loyalty and adoration. In one extreme case, a famous bank robber was made an honorary customer in a bank that he robbed a few years earlier.

Epidemiologists say the nation could perish soon if no cure can be found. Since 29th of June 1996, about 30-40% of the nation might have been affected and now there are studies that indicate that the number might be double that number.

The word is out. Many scam artists and criminals are flocking to the rich country. "This is like stealing candy from children", says one Irish con man that did just that. “This nation is plain stupid.” Now the child’s parents are inviting him for dinner.

What will become of this once proud nation? Could thins nation perish if no cure is found? We hope not, but we will continue to report the progression of this strange and unusual disease.

Many many thanks for reading my article and may god bless your lifestock.

Warm Regards from the hot springs in Iceland.
Kisses kisses, Abu.

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